Katherine Harris PT, PhD

Katherine is actively involved in both the Connecticut Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

She is a Past President of the CPTA and is currently Chief Delegate to the House of Delegates of the APTA. She has served on the Committee on Chapters and Sections and the Advisory Panel on Practice. Also active is the Acute Care Section she serves as the Research Chair to the section.

Dr.  Harris has published several articles on the topics of burn care, wound management and physical therapy practice in the acute care/intensive care unit setting. She has one text book, Integumentary Essentials: Applying the Preferred Physical Therapist Practice Patterns, which was published in 2006. Her most current article appears in the October 2010 Physical Therapy Journal, “Nationwide Acute Care Physical Therapy Practice Analysis Identifies Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors That Reflect Acute Care Practice”.

Katherine received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage College, her Master of Science degree in Research, Measurement, and Quantitative Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences and Education from Southern Connecticut State University and her PhD in Physical Therapy at Nova Southeastern University.